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Portal Button to Display a record

Question asked by SueMcGovern on Apr 9, 2015
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Portal Button to Display a record


I have a Product table (P) with an associated Work table (W) that stores all the working data associated with each product (images, pdfs, media etc).  Both tables are linked using the product primary key.  P=W.

On the main product layout, I have setup a layout tab that is divided into two columns: the first column displays a portal list of all the working records from W, and I want the second column to the right to display the full details of a working record selected from a portal row using a button click.  If I use GTRR in an attempt to display the working record I receive an error message because the layout is based on the product table, not the work table and this cannot be changed.  Since I am now am completely stuck, would very appreciate some help, thanks.