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Portal Calculation Help

Question asked by CraigFiore on May 21, 2013
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Portal Calculation Help


     Hello All,

     I am hoping I can get a little help with a calculation in a portal. Here is my situation:

     I have a portal in a table called "Work Order". This portal is from a table called "Expense Categories" This portal shows the categories of my expenses, such as "Admin Fees, Labor, Material Cost, Profit and so on"  I also have a field called "Expense Total" "Expense Total, as you guessed, totals all the categories.

     Here is my dilemma, I want "Expense Total" to total every category except for the "Profit" category.

     The calculation I have for "Expense Total" is:
     Sum(Expense Log::c Invoice Amount) This actually goes to another table called Expense Log and totals the amount for each category. 

     Is this possible?

     Thank you for your help.