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Portal calculation problem

Question asked by mendre on May 25, 2010
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Portal calculation problem


FM11 Pro Trial for Windows.

I create a portal01 that include the info of every builds. Different builds have the same or different items list. The info in this portal1 doesn't change.


Example: (“b_item”, b_description, b_qty”)

Build: “Car Toy”

List: “01”, “car tires”, “4”

         “02”, “doors”, “2”

         “03”, “bumpers”, “2”

         “04”, “hood”, “1”


Then create another portal02 that generate a Work Order and take the info from portal01 and calculate the amount needed. I input the amount for "Build Qty=c_buildqty" this amount change from job to job.

Example: (“c_item”, c_description, c_qty”, “c_qtyforbuild”)

Build: “Car Toy” Build Qty: “100”

List: “01”, “car tires”, “4”, “400”

        “02”, “doors”, “2”, “200”

        “03”, “bumpers”, “2”, “200”

        “04”, “hood”, “1”, “100”


The problem is that when it calculate “c_qtyforbuild” (c_qtyforbuild=c_qty * c_buildqty) it will put the total from line 1 in the rest of the lines.


List: “01”, “car tires”, “4”, “400”

        “02”, “doors”, “2”, “400”

        “03”, “bumpers”, “2”, “400”

        “04”, “hood”, “1”, “400”.


I'm new to FM. Tha data is going to be used between 3pc over the network on the same location.