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portal choices

Question asked by WinstonChurchill on Oct 5, 2010
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portal choices


I'm trying to understand portals and I don't see what I'm doing wrong:

In order to learn I'm keeping things simple, so I'm working with 2 fields and 2 tables.

I have table A , which has two fields (1 and 2), field one is a text field which is intended to be a description of an item (material in a wall, say brick, air, plaster etc), field 2 is a numeric field that can have any value (it's actually the thickness of the material) I've created table B in which I've also created a material and thickness field and made a relationship between materials with table A.

In the layout for table B, I've created a portal and set field 1(materials) to use a drop down menu value list.

Now if I exit edit mode and enter the layout with the portal on and select the first field on the first line I get my choices from the value list, I choose say plaster and am moved on to field 2 on the first line where I enter say '22', now if I go to the second line, up pops my value list as expected and I choose say 'brick' but it enters 'plaster' again. I can go back into the field and choose 'brick' again and this time the choice will stick, but on the third line, again whatever material I enter from the value list, it will revert to 'plaster' again, and I need to go back into the field and choose whatever I'd chosen originally again before the choice will stick.

When I then click outside the portal, every entry but those that include plaster disappear, although if I switch to the layout that has table A in it, all the records created through table B are still there.

If I delete all the records from both layouts and start entering data again, which ever value I choose from the value list (say brick this time) replaces 'plaster' in the example above.