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    Portal Column Sorting



      Portal Column Sorting


       Is there an easy way to have the individual columns in a portal sort using a button set up?  I have a database that is tracking orders for different dealers and manufacturers.  I have the tables and relationships set up and the information is being pulled in to the portal correctly, but i would like to be able to sort the columns by clicking on the column heading, like you can do in List View.  I have tried doing a button set up on the field for the column heading, using the sort record and specifying the field in the related table I want, but nothing happens.  Have I missed something, or is it not that easy and a special script needs to be set up?

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          Clicking the column headings in list view does not sort the records. Clicking a column heading in Table View sorts them. Wink

          Portals do not support dynamic sorting. There's a complex work around based on calculation fields and scripting that appear to dynamically sort the portal by changing a value in a global field or variable, but you asked for simple.

          The simplest method is to add a tab control to your layout and put two copies of the same portal into the control, but with different sort orders specified in Portal Setup. Then you can click the tabs to see the same portal but with records sorted in different orders.

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             Thanks Phil.  I think I will just use the table view and create a button to take me to that layout.  I appreciate all the help you provide, you are a godsend!