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Portal Confusion

Question asked by bartles on Oct 12, 2009
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Portal Confusion


I have a solution that requires Purchase Orders.  To accomplish this, I have four tables

Purchase Orders - Primary Key PO# (auto generated) Foreign Keys: VendorID, ItemID, POLine#

PO Lines - Primary Key POLine# (auto generated) Foreign Keys: PO#, ItemID, VendorID

Budget - Primary Key: ItemID  Foreign Keys: PO#, VendorID,

Vendors - Primary Key: VendorID


I have the portal working with Portal Lines populated with Drop Down Menus from values in the Budget Table.  I have tried using the Drop Down Menus using  ItemID  and combinations of the various foreign keys.


Here is the problem.  The portal has 2 problems:

1. No matter what ItemID is selected, the same one populates the portal row.

2. No matter how many fields I populate, it is the same record every time....


I have been working on this for days now... Please help!

Thank you.