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Portal Container Field with Interactive Content (Filemaker 12)

Question asked by RonSchwartz on Feb 15, 2013
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Portal Container Field with Interactive Content (Filemaker 12)


     We have what should be a simple problem.  We created a database of items, with a child table of related documents.  A single layout was created, containing the item fields and a portal below containing a list of the related documents.  One field within the portal is a container, holding a jpg or pdf image of the document.  The container field is set to interactive content, presumably allowing the user to click and view the document.

     It is impossible to view the document image when clicking within the portal.  It seems that Filemaker 12 does not support interactive content within a portal.  Interestingly, Bento does allow viewing an imbedded media file within a related table.  However, Bento is not a true relational database in that deleting the item did not delete the related child documents.

     We really would like to see the list of related documents on the same layout window with the parent item (and view the document images).  Any alternative solutions or ideas from the experts would be greatly appreciated...