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    Portal Data Entry



      Portal Data Entry


       I would like to put data into the portal layout by clicking on the first field of the portal and having a new data entry layout page open up - then I would fill out the page and return to the portal. I am having a probem: The data does not show up on the portal layout - it does show in the record list view. I feel it must be a "Script thing" I am not doing correctly. Can anyone please help and offer a script that will do this for me. Thanks. BTW, the reason I am doing this is because portals are hard to fill out on the iphone and ipad.

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          Is it possible that you are missing a "Refresh Window" script step after returning to the main layout. The one with the portal?

          If neccecary you might even need the "Flush Cached Join Results" option checked in that "Refresh Window" script step.

          Also be carefull where you put the refresh script step, because if it happens while you are on your new window layout it won't refresh the other window that's in the background.


          New Windows can be a bit of an annoying thing like that.

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            If neccecary you might even need the "Flush Cached Join Results"

            I advise avoiding that option if at all possible. This option can trigger a major "performance hit" on your database that greatly slows down the update of your window. It can almost always be avoided.