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portal disappears completely in preview mode

Question asked by StewartMcadoo on Jun 10, 2013
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portal disappears completely in preview mode


     I searched and found several entries where some portal fields disappear but mine is different.  The whole thing disappears.

     My layout has a grouped row of column headers above the portal which stretches all the way across the page.  There is also a group of items below the portal that is set up to slide upward on preview or print.  When I initiate a view of the layout I can see about 6 lines in the portal in the browse mode (that's what is expected). However when I click the preview button the rows of the portal are gone and the lower grouped fields have moved up to just below the portal column headers.  There is no overlap of the portal with the other elements in the layout and there are no buttons in the portal, just data display.  What do I have wrong to make the portal rows disappear?

     Running FMP11, Win7, reasonbly powerful computer.