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portal display issue

Question asked by Matty_1 on Dec 17, 2012
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portal display issue


     I've crated a database for our dispatching crew where I store all the jobs in one table and have a "VIEW" table that consists of 8 portals per record.  Each record represnts a calendar day and each portal repsents a delivery location.

     5 of the portals are set to show the record if the drop location is equal to designated location for that one portal and has the same date as the record in the VIEW table. A 6th portal is set to show any records that do not show any of the drops designated in the first 5. 

     Exmaple: Dispatch::ULLocation  ≠  "DropA"  and Dispatch::ULLocation  ≠  "DropB" and Dispatch::ULLocation  ≠  "DropC"  and Dispatch::ULLocation  ≠  "DropD"  and Dispatch::ULLocation  ≠  "DropE"

     The last two portals show records from a completely different table in our buying a selling portion of the datebase (no issues on the last two).

     When adding a new job, you select from a list of contracts and select submit.  The script remembers the contract number, goes to the contract table, finds the contract, remebers all the jobs associated to the one contract and then goes to the job table and creates all the jobs copy pasting all the appropriate infomration.

     When we create a job that fits the critteria of one of the first five portals it appears instantly after hitting submit.  When we create a job that doesn't fit any of the first five criteria therefor defualting to the 6th portal there is a long delay before it appears in the portal.  Somtiems minutes other times seconds.


     Any idea why this would be happening??