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Portal display records from the main table

Question asked by RedzwanLatif on Aug 6, 2012
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Portal display records from the main table


I have 4 tables consists of Patient, PatientCheckInOut, Clinical and Deposit

The thing is I want to put a Patient portal in a Clinical table layout which shows a patient's entire deposit records. If I put a Deposit portal, it will only shows the deposit records for a clinical record only. A patient have many check In/out record. A check in/out record may have one or more clinical record(s). A clinical record have many deposit records. So I want to put a portal that displays the entire deposits of the patient in the Clinical table layout. For example, Jon checked in into the clinic, then the doctor examine and gives him treatment. Then Jon pay many deposits for the examination. He went there again and again. In the Clinical layout, I want to show Jon's entire deposit records, not the current clinical deposit records. How to do this?

I've attached an image of my relationship

Thank you