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    Portal displaying records not as filtered



      Portal displaying records not as filtered


      I'm having a perplexing issue as of lately as I can't seem to determine even through the script debugger what may be causing this.


      My portal record example uses the following filter:

      AnswerAll::RecType = 10 and
      AnswerAll::RecSeqPage = $$PageType10 and
      AnswerAll::UserID = Get (AccountName)

      Essentially I am filtering by type, username and groups of 50 maximum and there is a previous 50 and next 50 button.  This all works fine for the most part but what's happening is when I get to the first 50 records and click on the first record, it now shows the records in the last group of records (51-up-to-100) or (101-up-to-150) though it goes back to normal when I click on the 2nd record.  I am using a relationship of Answer.PortalSelect = AnswerAll.RectypeCal which is essentially the same records but narrowed down. 

      I notice this descrepancy mainly happens after I import in records so I'm not sure if that could be part of the problem.  I'm still using filemaker 11.  Strange it's always when I click on record 1 that this happens.  Any known workarounds to fix this?

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          Try adding: Refresh Window [Flush cached join results] to the end of your buttons' scripts to force the filtered portal to update each time that you change a value that affects the portal filter.

          If that works, you may want to modify your relationship so that this script step--which can lead to long delays while refreshing the window, is no longer needed.