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Portal displays found set from the same table

Question asked by djtechwise on Sep 13, 2011
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Portal displays found set from the same table


Hello Phil,

I have read a few of your answer posts on the subject of getting a portal to display a found set. I must be really thick because I don't quite get it. Can you explain this process again please. I would like to display only found records from the current table (self-join) in a portal list regardless of what the find criteria is. Using version 11. Is this possible? Thanks a bunch -DJ

Here is one of your previous answer posts;

Use a script that captures the Primary keys of the current found set in a list and use the list in the portal's relationship. (Could also use a filter expression, but suspect that the relationship will update faster here.)

Here's how the script might capture the primary key values:

Freeze Window
Go to Layout [//go to layout based on same table occurrence, but only place the primary key field in this layout]
Copy All Records //copies primary keys to clip board
Go To Layout [//Go to a layout where you've placed the global field: gPrimaryKeys]
Paste [select ; YourTable::gPrimaryKeys]
Go To Layout [original Layout]

Now, if you use this relationship for your portal:

YourTable::gPrimaryKeys = YourTable2::PrimaryKeyField

Your portal will display the same records as are currently present in your found set.

Are the primary key values specific to the particular find criteria? If not, I sounds like this may work. I just need help getting my head around it. What say you?