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    Portal doens't show data



      Portal doens't show data


      Dear All,

      I have a problem with showing data in a portal.

      I have three tables Company, Contact and Queries

      one Company can have many contacts.

      one contact can have many Queries.


      There is a field in Queries table with value of ( Done or To-Do)


      I want to add a portal in Company layout to show all Queries related to the company with value To-Do and omit the the records with Done value.


      I added a global field called "Donequires" in Contact  table with value (Done) Then put the relation as follow



      contact.Donequires ≠ Queries.Done


      It works ok in my local coomputer shows all queries with not (Done) values in the portal, when I put it on the server FileMaker pro Server 9 it doesn't show any data in the portal.


      I will appreciate if any one can help me please.

      Please let me know if you need more information.


      Thanks in advance