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    Portal doesn't work when join tables used?



      Portal doesn't work when join tables used?


      Hi there,

      To try and remedy my issue in the bigger database, I created a simple database that mimics the issue. Please see attached photo for table relations created.

      Three tables:




      All are many-to-many relationships so I've created join files between each to make them one-to-many.

      Goal: Include a portal in the teachers form that lists which classes a teacher is teaching. Whenever I include a portal though and view it in "Browse Mode > List View" the result is blank.

      When I include a portal in the classes form to show students in the class, on the other hand, the portal works.

      What would you recommend?

      I'm a newbie.

      Thank you so much for your help!

      FileMaker Pro Advanced 11


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          Instead of creating a 2nd table occurrence of the teachersNClasses join table, create a second table occurrence of Classes and link it to the upper  teachersNclasses join table occurrence. That way you can put a portal to the Jointable on your Teachers layout and add class data from the new table occurrence of Classes to the portal.

          Once you have that working, you might also consider reorganizing your relationship graph into Anchor Buoy format for a clearer representation of the data and relationships.

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            PhilModJunk: It worked! Thank you sooo much! I knew those hours of frustration could be solved in 3 seconds by an experienced user.

            I've heard of this Anchor Buoy format. I read that it's not exportable to other databases or formats like SQL. I'm not using any other databases now, but I feel that I would be foolish to build a database that's not scalable for what may happen in the future (this will be the beginning of a business). Is this indeed true that it will only work in FileMaker Pro?

            Thanks again.

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              Please read the article about Anchor Buoy in the link in my previous post.

              All Anchor Buoy is is a method for arranging your relationship graph so that the links are easier to read and so you can readily document the connection between layout function and its underlying table occurrences.

              Granted, you can't export this to other databases, but then no part of the relationship graph can be exported to other databases anyway--so I can't see avoiding a method that could save me a great deal of time when analyzing a database on the off chance that I might want to export the database system to something else in the future. Especially as this "relationship graph style" won't interfere with the export process of those things that I can export to another system.

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                Now you hv 3 tables Teachers,classes,students.

                whenever you are trying to display data from another table staying in one at that time just make aTO of the upcoming table and rename it with  Anchor Buoy format .

                means.. Go to Database relationship ,Make a TO of classes and rename it  and join with Teacher then come to Teacher layout and draw the portal(Portal should be coming from the newly TO of classes).

                Just go through this steps you'll get ur result