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portal field loop

Question asked by synergy46 on Sep 5, 2012
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portal field loop



I have a portal with a field (Dues::Date) that when clicked, runs a series of scripts that punch values into various fields.  It works. 

Because I have changed a lot of the script calculations in those scripts, after records from previous versions are imported, some fields are incorrect and need to have the Dues::Date - On Save script run.

I need to loop through each record's (Members) dues Portal and run the associated script.  The number of rows in the portal varies from each record.

I tried go to Dues::Date; Set Field[Dues::Date; Dues::Date] but that doesn't seem to cause the trigger to execute.  So, I thought I would 'loop' through the portal and run the associated script on each found row. 

But, I can only find get(ActivePortalRow) as a portal row function.  

I don't know how to send the 'pointer' to the next portal row?  And, I suppose if I can get to the 'next' row, I can test for Dues::Date="" to tell me that I am on the last row.

How would you do this?