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    Portal field not modifiable



      Portal field not modifiable


      I have a new problem with my database and I'm having trouble tracking it down.  I have a portal field within my Firms layout for Contacts (related table).  This has worked just fine in the past, but today when I click into the first blank row to create a new contact (which I have confirmed is allowed based on the relationship) it says "The action cannot be performed because this field is not modifiable."  It's a simple text field without any validation.  I've turned indexing on and off and that doesn't make a difference.  I've turned off the related script triggers and that didn't make a difference.


      Where else might I try looking to isolate the problem? 

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          Let's pick some names to explain what I think you might have here:


          ParentTable:: PrimaryKey = PortalTable::ForeignKey, "Allow creation of records via this relationship, selected for the portal table"


          That's what I think you have here.


          Any chance "ForeignKey" is a calculation field? (or modification is prohibited in field options?)


          If so, then entering data in the bottom blank row of your portal triggers filemaker to make a new record in the PortalTable and then attempts to store the value of PrimaryKey in the the ForeignKey field. If modification of this field is somehow prohibited, you get the error message you've reported.

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            That did it.  I changed the "ForeignKey" field to text with a calculated result.  I guess I'm not still not totally clear on the behavioral differences of a calculation field that returns text and a text field that is based on a calculated entry...


            Thanks as always

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                 Why is it a "calculated result" field? Simple data fields are usually all you need for this type of field in this type of relationship.
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                Guys I am also facing same issues but in my case three to four calculation field with relationship

                how to resolve the issues ???