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    Portal field problem



      Portal field problem



      I'm running FMPA 14.0.1.  I have a portal that is displaying fields from two separate tables.  I recently succeeded in creating complicated conditional value lists based on distantly related tables and fields.  I have one final issue that has just come up:  The third field is now autofilling its results in the first record to all the records in the portal.  I do not know how to troubleshoot this.  I don't think the relationship is the issue, but I am including that info below, as well as a screenshot of what I am talking about.  The three value lists are dependent on each other, so the "Chemicals" value shouldn't be available for items 2-4.

      Any thoughts on how to troubleshoot this?

      Thanks for any help,



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          It would help if you provide the info needed to match up the layout, portal, and fields to the relationship graph that you uploaded.

          One possible issue that you can quickly check is to enter layout mode and try moving this portal a few pixels. If the Sub Acct field does not move when you move the portal (and the others do), then this field is not properly "contained" by the portal. Drag it away from the portal, release the mouse button, and carefully drag it back. Do not release the mouse button until the borders of this field a fully inside the borders of the portal row.