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Portal Field Summary - Average summary glitch

Question asked by Dekade on Jul 16, 2015
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Portal Field Summary - Average summary glitch


Using: FMProADV10.0v3

Please note the attached image.

  1. Look at the very last column to the right.
  3. Now look at the field below the portal on the far right titled 'Avg Mpg'
  5. Currently the 'Avg MPG' filed is set up as a summary to average the "MPG" portal column.
  7. However - I need the summary to disregard the last portal row field entry (which is '0') and divide the total by 4 instead of dividing the total by 5.
  9. Sometimes the last two or three portal rows may have "0's". Thus the calculation has to disregard any rows that have a zero in the last MPG field of the last 1 to 3 portal rows


Can't figure out how to correct the error in calculation. I have experimented with several different calculations but am missing something somewhere.

Any advice will be greatly appreciated.

Thanks, Dekade