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Portal Fields Not Dispaying Data Before Commit

Question asked by BobReneau on May 16, 2011


Portal Fields Not Dispaying Data Before Commit


FM Pro 11.0v3 Advanced, Mac OS X 10.6.7 and FileMaker Go on IPad

Two related tables and a portal

Relationship: Volunteer: ID No = Activity:ID No

Form view with records from “Volunteer” Table

Portal fields from “Activity” Table

“Allow creation of records in this table via this relationship” is checked.

My problem, when in an account with “Full Access” Privilege Set, everything functions as it should, however when in an account with “Data Entry” Privilege Set, when I enter a value in any portal field, upon leaving the field the data value flashes then disappears (leaving the field blank).  One of the fields uses a “Drop Down Value List”.  When you commit the record it will display and is in the Table and provide a new portal row.

Same result on Mac and IPad

Straight forward, no script involved.

I know I am missing something, but I am stumped.