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portal filering works some of the time not all

Question asked by Kj on Jan 18, 2012
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portal filering works some of the time not all


I do not understand why the portal filtering would work some of the time but not all.

master table is people; child table is notes. A relationshipp named 'PossibleMatches' is peopleLastname = NotesLastName. People table has a firstname field and preferredFirstName field. Notes has only first name.

New notes are imported by user (user created excel file). In the notes 'review' layout there is a portal to PossibleMatches in the people table. The portal filter says peoplefirstlast = notesFirstlast or peoplePreferredLast = notesfirstlast. Then a staff person is to determine the match.

Odd thing it is works perfectly in some cases. In other cases it does not show the possible matches. What is wrong and why would it only work some of the time?

thank you.