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Portal filter (filemaker 10)

Question asked by Mastema on Oct 6, 2010
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Portal filter (filemaker 10)



I'm trying to create a filter for a portal, but I seem to be stuck:

i've got two tables (view an company)

table view:

"prospect" as a number (0 or 1) global field
"one" as a number (global, always 1)
"companyfilter" as a text (global)

table company:

"prospect" as a number (0 or 1)
"name" as a text
"calcFilter" as a calculation field ( PatternCount(name; View::companyFilter) ≥ 1), result is number (this works fine)

If i make a relationship: view::prospect = company::prospect everything works fine: after changing the value of view::prospect, my portal view only shows the ones that match

If i make a relationship: view::one = company::companyfilter, regardless of the previous relationship, no information is shown in my portal when I change the value of companyfilter...
Does anyone know what i'm doing wrong?