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Portal filter including MySQL interaction

Question asked by PaulDowrick on Aug 11, 2010
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Portal filter including MySQL interaction


OK, Here goes

An 'order now portal' shows products needing to be ordered.  Data comes from the 'products' table

In the 'products' table we have the fields 'stock level' (variable) and 'stock critical level' (a variable that reflects the ideal stock level)

If 'stock level' falls below 'stock critical level' another field called 'order flag', should be set to 1 so that the product and its details appear in the 'order now portal'.  i.e. ideally 'order flag' would be a calculation field, and is also a primary key. 

Additional complexity - 'stock level' is a field taken from a CRE Loaded ecommerce package. Both shop and web can change the value of this field.

THe aim here is to have a portal that tells me when I need to reorder, it knows what we have sold in both the shop and online.


I hope that is clear.