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    Portal Filter issue



      Portal Filter issue


           I have a tab control set up with a portal in each.  Each of the portals are set up with different filters so that a user can see a list of orders by order status... Scheduled, In Production and so on....  It's a very simple filter Orders::Order Status = "In Production" or which ever status the portal is set for.  However, it misses some of the records?  Lists 2 when there is 3 or lists 4 when there is 6.  Any thoughts???

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               Best guess is that the missing records either fail to pass the filter (text in the field isn't exactly "In Production" for example) or is not a related record (the match field in the record doesn't match to the match field of the current record in your layout's table as specified for the relationship you've defined.)

               So it will be necessary to carefully check the values of fields--even a single extra space might result in value that looks like it should match but doesn't.