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Portal filter omit multiple records with same id

Question asked by MickeyHoyle on Jan 30, 2012
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Portal filter omit multiple records with same id


Let's say I have two tables

one with fruit:

id   fruit name

1    apple

2    orange

3    pear


One, related to the fruit table with the color of the fruits.

id   fruit name   color

1    apple          red

1    apple          red

1    apple          green

2    orange        orange

3    pear            green


I now want to create a portal filter in a self joined table that omits fruits that have a certain color, which is chosen in a global search field. The portal filter is setup like this Fruitcolor::color ≠ Fruitcolor_2::gcolor

If i enter green it will not show me the green pear, nor will it show me the green apple. What it will show me are the orange orange and two red apples. My problem is, that I don't want to see any apples at all since that one green one ruined my entire batch. Same goes for red, if I enter red in the searchfield, I don't want to see any green apples either since they'll probably be contaminated with the other apples redness. (sorry for the incredibly weird example, it was the easiest way for me ).

How can I do this?