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    Portal Filter repeating Values



      Portal Filter repeating Values



      I have a portal that contains a field with repeating values that have a running total, can I filter a portal to show only the max value in the running total for each value in the repeating field?


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          Is each repeating value in a different record of the portal table?

          Do you have a primary key (unique identifier) field defined in your portal field?

          If so, you can combine a self join with a portal filter to omit duplicate values.

          LayoutTable----<PortalTable-----<PortalTable 2

          The relationship from LayoutTable to PortalTable would be the same as you have no. PortalTable 2 would be a new occurrence of your PortalTable with this relationship:

          PortalTable::RepeatValueField = PortalTable 2::RepeatValueField

          Then set up your portal to PortalTable on a LayoutTable based layout with this portal filter:

          PortalTable::primarykey = PortalTable 2::primaryKey

          An alternative method just used for displaying data (no editing) would be to use a mult-row sized calculation field with ExecuteSQL() and the Distinct keyword to list the same data all in one large field.

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            i have also this problem pop up

            and i am thinking the case as to get the value of first

            when using List the repeated value are all there, and shall really use and somewat filter out to put back in to portal

            than just trying on the portal

            still working on