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Portal filter using multiple search terms

Question asked by Polarpro on Sep 22, 2009
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Portal filter using multiple search terms


Hi there.


I find a lot of examples that show how you can easily create a portal filter: Typing a few letters in a search field and hitting the Enter key shows the results right away. Now with FM 10's script triggers things go even smoother. I personally use a method where I use the SearchField and a calc field ( = SearchField + "zzzzz" ). (Matt Petrowsky has a nice tutorial on this.)


All of the methods I find deal with one single search term. I wonder if there is a way to filter a portal using multiple search terms, in order to have a Boolean AND in my portal search field. So far, everytime when I try to write a 2nd search term the portal doesn't show any results anymore as soon as I hit the space key.


:) MIke