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    Portal filtering



      Portal filtering


      I have a invoice layout (table: invoices) with a portal (table: invoice items) that is filtered.

      When I sum( the portal, its adding everything including the filtered items.

      It will only work if I sum( inside the portal. Then I have a total on every line item.

      Thanks for any help

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          How are you filtering the portal?

          Normally I'd think you'd have a layout based on invoiced, and a portal based on a related invoice_items; no filters necessary. And then you can sum using a summary field. But maybe your needs are different.

          Check if this (http://dl.dropbox.com/u/582612/TestInvoice.fp7) example to see if it helps you.

          If not, try to explain yourself more fully.



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            One way to get a correct total from a filtered portal:

            1. Define a summary field in the portal's table that totals the correct field.
            2. Place a second, one row portal (borders can be invisible) at the bottom of your first portal and place this summary field inside the portal.
            3. Give this new portal the same filter expression as the first.