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Portal Filtering

Question asked by GianandreaGattinoni on Feb 23, 2012
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Portal Filtering


FM 11.03, Windows 7

I have a self join table (TABLE_1 and table_2)

In a layout that displays TABLE_1, I have a portal for TABLE_2

I want to filter the records in the portal based on field ACTIVE (possible values 0/1)

Moreover I want to activate or deactivate dynamically the filter. To do that I define a global variable FILTER  with possible values 0=deactivate the filter, 1= activate the filter

So I defined the formula to filter the portal:


if FILTER equal 0 displays all records (result 1), if FILTER equal 1display depends on the value of field ACTIVE.

The problem is that the records are not filtered correctly neither updated changing the value of FILTER.

So I thought to change the method.

I defined a calculation variable FILTER_2 with the same formula: if(TABLE_2::FILTER ; TABLE_2::ACTIVE ; 1) and I base the portal filter only on this variable (possible values 0/1

Same problem with different results. Displaying in the portal the value of FILTER_2 you sees that all values are correct

I tested the same with two different related tables and the results did not change

I’m doing something wrong?