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Portal filtering

Question asked by Fryx on Apr 28, 2013
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Portal filtering


     Portal filtering seems like the perfect answer to a problem I'm having, but I can't get it to work--I'm probably missing something obvious. I have a portal in a database called Invoices that displays records from a database called AdSales. We now have more sales for some customers than can comfortably display, so I want to show only recent sales (while retaining the amounts for the current balance that also reflcts payments from another portal). So I tried a portal filter like this:

     AdSales::Issue > 2-1-13

     Each monthly "Issue" is a date field (1-1-13, 2-1-13, etc.). So I THOUGHT this would hide the January and February sales. But when I save and view an invoice, nothing has changed. What am I doing wrong?