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Portal filtering

Question asked by KurtSnow on Aug 21, 2013
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Portal filtering


     This question deals with 3 tables that are joined together. The first is Media Companies, the second is Offices and the third is Orders. Once I create a record in Orders, I need to print out a report with the correct office address (there is more than one address assigned to a station as they often require payments to be sent to corporate headquarters, rather than the local office; or, they have a PO Box that I must use, instead of the local, physical address.) The portal works just fine on my report if I simply filter by office type (local or mailing [for Post Office boxes], etc.) This is the problem: Not every company has both a local, HQ and/or mailing address. Most just have a local address. If I set the filter to HQ, then only those station with an HQ address show up. I tried an If function, but I cannot get it to work -- I assume because I am not pointing to two different fields, but the same fields. Any suggestions?