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Portal Filtering

Question asked by morganbleak on Mar 21, 2014
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Portal Filtering


     I need a little help writing a calculation that will filter out unrelated records in a portal.

     My portal shows software key numbers and software version records that will pertain to an application.  Because the records are all from the same portal table I see the versions and keys in all of the photoshop, lightroom, etc., application records.

     I am thinking of a way like this:

     if ( Get ( ScriptParameter )  ≠ Software::_KP_Software_ID ; In this result area I don't know what to put that will show or not show the related records.

     Maybe I could use the Case function.

     I guess I don't know why this portal would be showing records from another record, it happens when I click on a button run by a script called "Add Line Item".

     The script is :

     Freeze Window

     Set Variable [$PrimaryKeySoft; Value:Software::_KP_Software_ID]

     Go to Layout ["Software Portal" (Software Portal)]

     // New Record/Request

     Set Field [Software Portal::_kf_Software_id; $PrimaryKeySoft]

     Go to Layout [original layout]

     Go to Field [Software Portal::Version Number]

     Go to Portal Row [Last]

     Exit Scrit []


     What I want it to do is to place the cursor in the portal's empty first box for quick entry of data, bringing the row up to be seen.  I did't use the "New Record/Request because it was giving me two rows.  It seemed to work but now I think it might be the reason when I enter on a another record that it is cutting a record from another one and placing it in the current record.  I hope I am explaining this so that it is understood.