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Portal Filtering

Question asked by IsaacKnoflicek on Sep 29, 2014
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Portal Filtering


I've got a modified version of the Invoices Starter Solution from FileMaker 13 and I'm having some issues filtering in Portals.

I created a new layout and I want to have 3 portals each showing records from the "Invoice Data" table at different points in a workflow.  The layout is based on the "Invoice Data" table, and the portals are related to a duplicate of the "Invoice Data" table joined to the original on a primary key field I added (InvoiceDataID).

The conditions I'm trying to use are if "Product ID Match field" and "Ordered" are empty show up in the first portal.  I've got dozens of records that meet those criteria, but I can't get any of them to show up.  I've even tried simplifying it to just "Product ID Match Field" is empty with no success.

Is there something quirky about the way I'm doing this that would prevent it from filtering correctly?