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    Portal Filtering



      Portal Filtering



      I am trying to use 3 fields to filter a portal with any combination selected:

      Season | Category | Product Name

      Season: (not IsEmpty ( FilterValues ( Projects::SeasonLaunchPortalFilter ; Products_ListAll::SeasonLinePlan  ) ) )

      Category: (Projects_ListAll::CategoryPortalFilter = Categories_ListAll::CategoryID)
      Product Name: (IsEmpty ( Projects::_LinePlanProductPortalFilter ) or PatternCount ( Projects::_LinePlanProductPortalFilter ; Products_ListAll::Name ) ) )

      They work good alone, but having some difficulty having them work in conjunction. 


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          If they work alone, did you try putting them in a case statement:

          Case (

                First parameter; desired result if true;

                Second parameter; desired result if true;

                Third parameter //default if first 2 aren't true

          ) // end case

          Your case statement will probably be much more complicated than that, considering the many combinations you could have.  I cant really tell by your post how the parameters are separated.

          Keep in mind if there are a lot of portal records, this may be very slow

          You may want to try this at the relationship level.