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    Portal Filtering : Record was "Active" but now is "Inactve"



      Portal Filtering : Record was "Active" but now is "Inactve"



      I have a portal that filters records by "Active" = Yes.  It works fine. 

      When the record is changed to "Inactive" it is obviously removed from the portal.  I need the record to remain in the portal for the records that used it, if it was previously selected when it was "Active" but has now become "Inactive" after it was used.



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          What determins if a record has been 'used'?  Do you have a modification timestamp?  If so, you can determine that it was modified because the modification timestamp will be different than the creation timestamp.  And that can be used in your portal filter.  It might look like:

          Active = "Yes"
          ModificationTimeStamp  ≠ CreationTimeStamp

          Every table should have a creation and modification timestamp set up as auto-enter, just as every table should have a unique, auto-entered serial number.  :-)

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            I did try your suggestion but it didnt work...

            I wanted a portal record to remain static if it was "active" at the time it was used. 

            If the record in the main table that the portal is from becomes "inactive" at a later date i didnt want the record to disappear from the portal per say, just in case it needed to viewed or printed at a later date.


            I fixed the problem.


            Sorry I didnt give a lot of details of what i was trying to acomplish.


            I have a multi criteria reationship. "Active"  = "Active" in the reationship had to be removed.  I added a globe field called "g_Portal_Filter" to both tables. 

            I went into the portal set up and created a portal filter because I needed this portal to filter on the layout level to get the desired results as well as through the relationship . 


            RH - "g_Portal_Filter" is set to "1"

            LH - "g_Portal_Filter" is set to "0"

            ( NOTE :  These two global fields allow me to refresh automatically when changed without me having to use the Refresh Window script set and flushing the cache.)

            I used a script to set LH "g_Portal_Filter" to "1" when a field (radio button = YES / NO ) I placed in the portal (from the LH table ) the current record in the portal = "YES". The "YES" locks that portal row ( not allowing for any other rows to be visible. ) If the field = "NO" all record in the RH side of the relationship that field : Active= "YES" will be visible again. 


            I enclosed screen shots to give you an idea.

            Does this make sense.