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Portal filtering a combination of fields

Question asked by AliSheikh on Feb 11, 2015
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Portal filtering a combination of fields


Hello, i have a portal set up with 3 fields ( all 3 of them only have 1 or 0 values ). I would like the portal to filter in such a manner than if any of the records in the portal has the value 1 in at least one of the fields ( 1,2 and 3 )  it will be visible. 


Example :


Records                  Field 1           Field 2            Field 3

AAA                           1                                                         <------ visible

BBB                           1                                         1               <------ visible

CCC                                                                                       <-------- hidden 

DDD                           1                    1                   1             < ------------visible


I tried playing around with the operators in the portal filter calculation but i can't get it to work the way i want. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks.