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Portal Filtering and Case Statements

Question asked by dave317yyc on Aug 5, 2014
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Portal Filtering and Case Statements


     Good Day, 

     I am hosting some filemaker databases on Filemaker Server 13.  I run Filemaker Pro 13 to create my layouts, etc.  I use Filemaker Go to access my apps/databases from an ipad.

     I have built an app that is working on well on the server, but when it is accessed from the ipads the portal filtering is EXTREMELY slow.  Can anyone offer a better way of doing this?

     Basically I have a player list.  The player list is shown in a portal under the TEAM layout, and there is a few different filters available for displaying data in the portal.  Currently I have a bunch of CASE statements combined with AND statements for filtering portal results.  I use the following but it is very slow when accessing the data through the WAN, and even pretty slow going over local wifi. 

     What i dont understand is if i display the data in a LIST that is not a portal, and use perform find and constrain find to filter the list, the performance is exponentially faster.  It is more ideal for me to use a portal based on how this app works but if i need to use a list i guess i will figure out a way to do that.

     Please look at my portal filter below and let me know if you have any suggestions.


     (TeamList::Rank > Teams::rankStartFilter)
     (Case(Teams::posFilter="IDP-ALL";(PlayerList::Pos="DB" or PlayerList::Pos="LB") ;Teams::posFilter="ALL";True;Teams::posFilter=PlayerList::Pos))