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Portal Filtering by Date Range

Question asked by AndrewDunn1749 on May 19, 2011
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Portal Filtering by Date Range


Hi, I know this has already been asked a couple of times but i am not completely sure yet about how this works and have had no luck in finding the answer so far.

Background: I am currently using FM11 and have two tables set up. One for clients and another for transactions. Each client has a ref no. and each transaction has a field showing the client ref. I have created a portal on my client layout to show all associated transactions and have set up the relationship no problem.  Each transaction has a date field in which it was made.

Problem: I would like to setup on my client layout a start date field and an end date field and have my portal filter the transactions within the date range. From what I understand I know the best way to do this is use global storage fields but I am not sure as to the proccess. If someone could please help explain how to this I would be very grateful!