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Portal filtering oddities.

Question asked by argasoft on Apr 2, 2013
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Portal filtering oddities.



     I have a table addresses with relationship to addresses_X via addresses::id_addresses X addresses_X::id_addresses. TO is addresses.

     On different formats (invoice, offer, store items, etc) via script I bring recall a popup to have a list of names to catch id_addresses to establish a relationship.

     The popoup is a format with just a portal that shows name and city. Format is stated to give records from addresses and portal the ones from addresses_X.

     I want to filter them with a local variable ($port_filter) depending on if I need suppliers or a clients. Of course there is a field (type) in addresses for each record with one of the following values:
     - client
     - supplier
     - both

     In the portal setup I have the filter addresses_X::type <> $port_filter (its value is set via script and can be "client" if I need a supplier and viceversa). Through a button on the popup-format I change ascending or descending order.

     Now to the odds:
     - sometimes at first load after launching FM just the suppliers are listed if asked to
     - if, on another format, I do not want to have suppliers (i.e. just "client" or "both") it's ok   but
     - returning to a "just suppliers" filtering, all are listed   although
- all parametres in the script are ok
       - the value of $port_filter changes via script accordingly to my request (checked with Data Viewer)

     Hope again it's clear enough.