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    Portal Filtering produces Report problem



      Portal Filtering produces Report problem


      I have a portal that is filtered by the data held in a Value list that is called by a PopUp Box. This works really well, but if I want to create  a Report that contains all values, in an unfiltered way I can't.

      The PopUp Box allows me to pick one of the years 2008, 2009, 2010. My report on the other hand is intended to give a progress report on all work done across multiple years and I can't see how to do this.

      Do I add a kind of "catch all" value to the value List? Or is there some other way to show all records in the report?


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          You have several options--some of which only work with FileMaker 11.

          You can create a separate layout for printing that uses a different portal setup and/or relationship.

          You can add a "show all" option to your drop down--how you implement that depends on whether you are including the field in the relationship or if it is a part of the portal's filter expression (FileMaker 11 only).

          A third option is to create a list style summary report based on the portal's table. This avoids limitations encountered with sliding portals and portals that can't display all the data when there are too many rows.