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Portal Filtering Question

Question asked by MorkAfur on Jul 19, 2014
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Portal Filtering Question


     This should be easy, but I'm trying to display a page where the user can view this month's line item work or last month's line items.

     Naturally, the monthly items are in a portal.

     FMP doesn't seem to make filtering portal records easy, especially in FIND Mode.

     In any case, I created a portal filter like the one below:

BILLING_ITEMS::BILL_DATE = Month(Get(CurrentTimeStamp)) & "/" & "*" & "/" & Year(Get(CurrentTimeStamp))

     Just trying here to wildcard the day so I see all the items with a BILL_DATE of July, 2014.

     The portal show no records.

     If I remove the portal filter, I see all the records for this month.

     I'm doing this interactively at the moment, but in practice, I would need a script to update a global field so the portal filtering can be done dynamically. I'm sure that shouldn't be a performance problem since each portal's records would only have a few hundred records for any given month.

     In any case, what's up with my attempt to wildcard the day?

     If I use

BILLING_ITEMS::BILL_DATE <> Month(Get(CurrentTimeStamp)) & "/" & "*" & "/" & Year(Get(CurrentTimeStamp))

     Then, the records show up, so I guess I'm doing something basically wrong.

     I've tried this technique in a sample separate application (not with a portal, but filtering dates with this wildcard) and it works OK.

     Thanks in advance for suggestions.


     (it would be nice if I could just do a simple SQL to get the records I want and have the portal use that SQL as its data source!!!!)