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Portal filtering with partial match

Question asked by JanHackemann on Dec 15, 2011
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Portal filtering with partial match



I have table A which contains projects and volunteers working on these projects. All volunteers are listed in one field.

And I have table B which contains all the personal details of all my volunteers.

I am trying to install a portal on my volunteers personal-detail-page which shows all the projects this specific volunteer has been working on. I tried using tableB::name = tableA::volunteer as filter-rule which works fine as long as there is just one name in the field tableA::volunteer. But I need the portal to show me ALL projects which contain the volunteers name SOMEWHERE in the field volunteer.


project a - smith andersen murphy

project b - smith

project c - anderson clark murphy

project d - andersen smith

On Mr Smiths personal-details-page I need the portal to show me: 

project a 

project b

project d


My current solution shows only 

project b


I have tried quite a few combinations with wildcards, but I´m stuck and I don´t get this to work. Thanks for yout time.