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portal filtering with summary fields

Question asked by Aperture on Dec 3, 2014
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portal filtering with summary fields


I have a database set up to track returns.  In it, there is a table called “RMA_table” which is related to an RMA Line Item table called “RMA_Line” via a Return ID.  On the RMA table itself, there are two portals stemming from the line item table. One portal is where data is entered singularly for each part being returned.  On the second table, I’d like to filter the portals by “RMA #” and have the Quantity, Serial Numbers and Total Price fields reflect the relevant data for those filtered fields to act as a sort of aggregated view of the entered data.  For example, in the picture attached, in the first portal, there are two “Vec. RMA” fields with the same entry. In the second portal, how do I get those to be filtered into one line and have the quantity, serial number, and total price fields reflect the data for that specific filtered line?  The “QT.” and “Total Price” fields are summaries, while the “Serial Numbers” field is a calculation field based on substituting carriage returns from a list summary into commas.