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Portal Filtering:  Dynamic Updating of displayed records

Question asked by DavidKassel on Mar 22, 2012
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Portal Filtering:  Dynamic Updating of displayed records


I have a database which tracks the following information:

  • Customers: Each with a unique customer ID
  • Contacts: One customer to many contacts, related by Customer ID.  Each contact hastheir own unique Contact ID
  • Locations:  Same setup as contacts, each with a unique Location ID.

For each Customer account, I would like to set the Default Contact and Default Location by using a popup menu as pictured below. There is a portal below the popup menu which is set to filter all location records not matching the default ID.  This works fine - the problem is that the street address shown in the portal only updates when the customer record layout is refreshed.  Is there any way to have this update instantly?  Do I have to use a merge field based on a calculation instead?

Any help would be appreciated!