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Portal filtering???

Question asked by Owen on Jan 7, 2010
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Portal filtering???


I'm trying to build an email archive that will show all the emails sent to or received from a particular client when I'm on that clients record.  I've had some success with a second table to filter the email (which is a duplicate of the email table) but I'm stumped by how to make it more generic.  ie the to field gets imported out of mail on a mac into a filemaker DB and looks like this <!--  StartFragment  -->"Smith, Mary" <>, "Jones, Fred" <>  if manually go in and change the to field to be it all works for his record and the emails pop into the portal displaying that found set.  What I can't figure out is should I do some sort of parsing on the to field, or is it more in the relationship I've established between the global to and the contact to which is currently an equal one.  Hopefully that makes sense.  Thanks in Advance.