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    Portal Filters complex?



      Portal Filters complex?



           Grrr, I'm having trouble filtering a portal based on three conditions.

           I have the following relationships:

           Schools | Select Active ---< Schools ---<  Join_Schools_Jobs >---Jobs >--- JobType
                                                                                                                           >--- Sports
           Schools | Select Active:g_ActiveYes  to  Schools:ActiveStatus
           Schools:__pk_SchoolCode to Join_Schools_Jobs:_fk_SchoolCode
           Join_Schools_Jobs:_fk_JobID to Jobs:__pk_JobID
           Jobs:_fk_JobTypeID to JobType:__pk_JobTypeID
           Jobs:_fk_SportID to Sports:__pk_SportID
           Layout based on Schools with portal to self join Schools | Select Active table
               GoTo Related Records  two different portals based on Join_Schools_Jobs
                  First Portal  on Join_School_Jobs I need to filter based on Calculation to determine current school year = Jobs:SchoolYearEnding and Sports:Season is either 1 or 4
           SchoolYearEnding field is not on Join_Schools_Jobs but is on the related Jobs table.  I can get the filter for the season being either 1 or 4 but not all three filters.
                  Second Portal which shows candid jobs for the school is easier it just will be filtered by the same calculation for school year and Jobs:_fk_JobTypeID = 13
           I want to set this up so in the future we can search prior years jobs.
           Help will be greatly appreciated.

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               There are two issues that can cause this to fail:

          1.           You have three terms to your expression and they need to evaluate in the correct order        (                  ) And (        Or       )
          3.           For the school year part of this expression, you need to refer to an occurrence of Jobs that is directly related to Schools | Select Active (the portal's TO) instead of Schools (The layout's TO).
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                 Thanks Phil,

                 I had both of those problems.  Works great now and I can set it up with a global date for future look up of prior year sports