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Portal Find Logical "AND" on one Field?

Question asked by cocoa777 on Mar 30, 2011
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Portal Find Logical "AND" on one Field?



   I have a layout that is focused on an EMPLOYEE table occurrence.  The EMPLOYEE table is related to a PROJECT table occurrence as a many to many relationship.  On my EMPLOYEE layout I have a portal that shows all the related PROJECT records that the employee is working on.  One of the fields in the portal for the PROJECT records is the Project_Code.  My users would like to manually go into Find mode and select one or many project codes via a popup menu and get all the Employee records that have all those project codes in the portal.  Essentially they would like to do a logical "AND" on that one portal field.  For example, Find me all Employee records where the employee is working on project A, project B, AND project C.  If the user clicks New Request in between selecting a project code and does the Find, FileMaker is treating it as an "OR".

Is there any method to do allow the users to manually Find with the AND criteria?

Thanks for your input