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Portal first row will not display outside layout mode

Question asked by imartinez on Mar 30, 2012
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Portal first row will not display outside layout mode


I am a beginner on Filemaker and I am having trouble viewing my data between relational tables using a portal.

I created a relationship between my Vendortable (pkVendorID) and my Vendor # of VisitsTable (fkVendorID).

On my Vendor table Layout I drew in my portal and I selected the field from Vendor # of Visits Table, careful to make sure that the fields fit exactly in the first row. When I save my chnages and exit layout mode I cannot see the fields appear in the 1st row when I am in Browse mode. 

I have tried moving the fields into the second row (in Layout mode) and I can see them appear (in Browse mode) but the data from the related table is not displayed. 

I also went into Manage Data and selected the relation between the 2 tables and Selected the "Allow creation of records in this table via this relationship" under the Vendor # of visitsTable. It allows me to write new records from my VendorTable to my Vendor Visitor table, but I cannot see the records I create in my Vendor Visitor table. 

So it appears that the relationship exists but only in one direction. 

Can anyone help with why the data would not be appearing? Is there some attribute I should be selecting when creating a relationship? Thanks.