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Portal for task assigned to you but created by others.

Question asked by HubertTaschereau on Feb 23, 2013
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Portal for task assigned to you but created by others.


     Hi everyone.


     I'm creating a dashboard for employees, where there is a table that display the task assigned to them but created by others to make sure nothing gets lost. That part is done. Where I have a problem is that I would like the users to remove the tasks from the list since you only want them to see the new tasks assigned to them.

     The way the portal is set up is that the dashboard table gets the accountname when filemaker opens. then filers the portal so that only tasks that were not created or modified by this users are visible.

     To make them dissapear I thought of just creating a field that would have no other purpose than it being a checkbox so that when they click on it, it records that  this account made the last modification and then take the task off the portal...

     Still, I find this to be some sort of shorcut that I'm not sure is the best way to go...Since when they click the checkbox it records that this user as made a change to the record which is fine since that's the way the portal filters but in reality the user didn't make any changes....

     Hope that's clear enough!

     Thanks for reading