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    portal from the parent table



      portal from the parent table



           I'm sure I'm missing something very simple here, I am trying to put a portal from the Client table onto the Visit Layout. I want to be able to see a Client list for that day and crete a button so I can click on a certain client and enter the visit data for that client. I have tried different combinations of self join tables, I'm not sure how to link another table occurance together.  Thnaks for the help!


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               Contradulations, you are the first person I have seen who uses the same concept I do.

               Your problem is not putting a portal on the layouts since your connections already permit that, the problem is going to the right layout.

               To see the visit list, go to the vist layout, a list or report layout, and do a search for today. Your layout will show all of the clients who visited. Put a button on the record field that uses GTTR and shows the appropriate layout in the Client file. It helps to also select a new window since you can then just close the window and return to your list.

               The result would be new window GTTR client file and client file layout. This layout could be made in any of the CLIENT TOs but using the Client TO is best.

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                 Jack you lost me! Whatever the connections are at the moment, the portal will not display any clients, it is blank. I want to base the layout on the Visit Table and I want a portal in that Visit layout that lists the clients. I want to be able to click on the client name and add the visit info for that client on that date. Am I confusing "portal" with someo other function?  What is GTTR ? I'm quite sure I have arrived at the same "concept" as you totally by accident! I'm not sure what you're referring to as a concept but at least if the skeleton is recognizable it gives me hope! Thanks!

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              I made a sample file that does what your asking.  I'm not to good at explaining.  The notes layout has a portal and when you click the persons name it goes to the note connect to that clients appointment.

              Sample :





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                     Thank you but it doesn't seem to be doing what I need. I want a portal on the layout from the visits table that shows the clients for that day.  Global fields are completely confusing to me, I didn't need to have a global field to create the other portals so I'm a little more confused. The highlight button is very nice, I wouldn't have thought of that but I added some client records and appointments for them and they don't show up in the other layout portal.  I can't change the date or search other dates.. the relationship graph is much different, I thought when using the six fried rice method that I needed additional table occurances for the bouys...maybe that is what Jack meant by "concept"? Anchor bouy? I do appreciate all of the help, I just need more of it!


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                       There is nothing pretty about this file, but it lets you create some clients, create some visits, and see the visit from the client, and the client from the visit.  On the Visit form (not pretty, as I say) you can choose a date from the drop-down calendar and see all the visits on that date.  You can click on any visit and see its details.  Is that what you mean?


                       Oh - and as Jack said - congratulations on getting off to a brilliant start with your Anchor-Buoy layout!

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                         The Global field only show todays date to show only the clients for todays appointments. You change to a non global field and use any date.    You would just filter the portal based on the enter date and the appointment date.  I did't do a full app just a sample so when you click on the name it takes you to the record related to that person, which in my sample only contains the note field. You screen shot doesn't show what other field you have or what tables they are located.  The sample has the client layout, layout to make appointment, and the note layout which would be the visit layout.  You could have more fields on this layout, but this is a sample to give you an idea how the relationship and portals work.  This type of setup can be difficult to setup (learn).  It's easier to have a client portal on a layout then when you select that client it goes to a diffent layout related to the portal.  Good Luck.




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                           SChamblee: I just realized that your example included additional Table Occurences, not additional tables... the table names threw me ...so it makes a little more sense after I was able to stare at it. I will go back and add some more dummy records and see if it appears correct, maybe  there is not enough data in there. Thanks again.

                           Sorbsbuster: I couldn't open the file you sent.   I am able to create portals for 2 of the 3  layouts, I want to be able to create a list of clients as a portal on a particular day. For whatever reason I can't seem to use the client table as a bouy... I'm thinking this is a relationship issue and I am not linking the correct serial numbers together or I forgot to "enable" some aspect of the relationship... With my very limited knowledge of anchor bouy, my understanding is that each table is an anchor and additional table occurences become the bouys in whatever combination and then whatever layout needs to be based on the anchor table and the portals would come from the connected bouy tables... I haven't seen many references to this on this forum but then again I am not able to log in with any consistency.

                           Jack: You have a fan! anchor bouy is making it to the map!

                           Many thanks to all of you!


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                             Try here:


                             Note it is an fp7 file.  If you are running FM12 you may heve to launch the aplication and then use File -> Open.

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                               Thank you Sorbsbuster and S Chamblee.... and Jack!